Podiatric Conditions Treated by Dr. Evan Kelner

As a board-certified doctor of podiatric medicine, Dr. Kelner treats a broad array of conditions of and injuries to the foot. From the specialized care required by patients with diabetes to those with heel or arch pain, there are many ways to treat these conditions. Dr. Kelner will give you a complete foot examination and discuss treatment options with you.

Introducing Tenex Health TX Procedure for Heel Pain

There is now a new and exciting way for those who suffer from chronic heel pain. In the past, for those sufferers of heel pain that did not respond to conservative methods of treatment, there is now an alternative to open surgery. Tenex Health TX, in conjunction with the Mayo clinic, has developed a new advanced treatment that quickly and safely removes the source of the pain. This is a minimally invasive treatment performed in a same day surgical setting where ultrasound guidance is used to identify the location of chronically damaged tissue. Once located, a small Microtiop is inserted into the area of damage through a small incision. Ultrasonic energy then breaks down and removes damaged tissue quickly and safely, sparing surrounding healthy tissue. The entire procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. Recovery is rapid and the patient is able to walk immediately. Relief of the symptoms normally takes about 6 weeks.

Diabetic Foot Care

Dr. Kelner will perform a comprehensive diabetic foot exam for all diabetic patients. We place a high priority on preventive care and can address any diabetes-related foot conditions.

Corns and Callouses

Painful corns and callouses can be controlled with gentle palliative foot care. We emphasize proactive measures to prevent recurrence.


Sports Injuries

Don’t be sidelined by sports injuries to the foot or ankle—we’ll get you back to your activities as quickly and safely as possible.

Fungus Toenails

Whether it’s topical treatments, oral medication or laser treatment, Dr. Kelner will discuss and offer all possible remedies for this difficult problem.

Heel Pain and Arch Pain

There are many underlying reasons why people suffer from heel or arch pain; however, Dr. Kelner has produced great results with both conservative, non-surgical treatments and more invasive procedures. He will discuss your options and expected outcomes with you.